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Ravencoin Classic

Maintaining the original x16r chain

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Date of hard fork: October 1st, 2019

Distributed worldwide

About Ravencoin Classic

Why Ravencoin Classic?

Ravencoin Classic maintains the same ledger as Ravencoin up until October 1st, 2019. We are very grateful for all the work that the Ravencoin Core devs have done and the Bitcoin devs have done before that, and will continue to do. The mission for Ravencoin Classic is simple - adopt protocol changes only with majority hashrate. Community consensus, while ideologially intriguing, is always subject to centralization. Proof of Work however, solves all these disputes by giving the vote to those who help secure the network.

Completed Milestones

Succesful hard fork

October 1st, 2019 - Ravencoin Classic is born and the first RVC block is mined

First Mining Pool

October 10th, 2019 - Icemining provides pool mining support for RVC

Largest bitcoin mining pool in the world adds RVC

F2 Pool adds RVC in Q2, 2020

Future Roadmap

Est. Q3 2020

Official wallet support

Est. Q3 2021

Hard fork with BIP to merge in Ravencoin's restricted asset layer code

Est. Q1 2022

Exchange Support

Est. Q4 2022

Support 5% of all assets and securities traded globally

Our Vision

Proof of Work consensus

  • Creating a healthy balance between miners, users, and developers
  • Adopting all future protocol changes with majority hashrate

Secure Assets

  • Securing assets on chain with the original x16r algorithm
  • Decentralization of hashrate with publicly available ASIC mining equipment

Join the Movement

  • Ravencoin Classic discord


Latest wallet version at the following link:

RVC wallet


F2 Pool:

Link to pool

Ice Mining:

Link to pool


Ravencoin Classic T-shirt (super comfortable!)

Link to t-shirt